Coaches Corner

Updated Sunday January 29, 2017 by LaShall Dodson.

Coaches Corner

There are 3 required components to Coach for West Boca Youth Baseball.

1.  Concussion certification  - here are links to free Concussion certification courses either one is acceptable.  Certificate needs to be sent to your coordinator.  or 

2. Babe Ruth online coaching course.  Click the link to the  Babe Ruth Coaching Education Center  then click on coaches tab, then click on Cocahing Education Program then select either the first time coaching course(recommended for all coaches up to High Shcool age).  If you have taken this course then you can select Coaching Advanced Baseball.  There is a fee with these courses that is paid direct to Babe Ruth League.  Certificate needs to be sent to your coordinator.

3.  Background check - once you are placed on a team and added to a roster you will then be able to complete this step on this website in your family account. 

Thank you for volunteering your time to the youth in West Boca.